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La SES promuove la collaborazione tra gli entomologi sia professionisti che amatoriali ed ha come centro di attività lo studio degli insetti indigeni.

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Alpine Entomology

Alpine Entomology, the new "Journal of the SEG"!

Since 2017, the long established "Journal of the Swiss Entomological Society" has been reformatted and relaunched under the new name Alpine Entomology (see below for details). For all further information, especially concerning the submission of manuscripts, consult the web portal of Alpine Entomology.

Digitalization of old volumes

In collaboration with the DigiCenter of the ETH Library, all scientific articles published from 1862–2016 under the old journal format "Journal of the Swiss Entomological Society" have been digitized. These articles are freely available via the online platform

NEWS (06.10.21)

The Alpine Entomology team is proud to present our very first topical collection focusing on “Trends in arthropods of alpine aquatic ecosystems”. This collection will be supervised by Dr. Jean-Luc Gattolliat and Prof. Dr. David Muranyi -> for more informations see links below on the journal site and on Pensoft's blog: