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La SES promuove la collaborazione tra gli entomologi sia professionisti che amatoriali ed ha come centro di attività lo studio degli insetti indigeni.

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Interested in joining the society? New members are welcome! To become a member of the SES, please contact the treasurer, Mr Yohan Collaud (address below).

Membership fee
Members: CHF 60
Student members: CHF 30 (for a maximum of five years)
Intitutional membership: on request
Members living outside of Switzerland: an additional CHF 15 will be charged to those who wish to receive a printed copy of Alpine Entomology

Yohan Collaud
c/o info fauna - CSCF & karch
Avenue Bellevaux 51
CH-2000 Neuchâtel

T: +41 32 718 36 00


Every second year, the Swiss Entomological Society (SEG) awards the Prix Moulines to outstanding entomological publications on the occasion of its annual meeting, The prize money amounts to CHF 2'000. The total prize money is CHF 2'000. Only publications concerning the biogeography, ecology or systematics of the Swiss entomofauna will be considered. Please ensure that all authors confirm in writing that they agree to submit for the Prix Moulines. Furthermore, at least one author must be a member of the SES and the papers should have been published in the two years immediately preceding the year of the award.

The next Prix Moulines will be awarded at 2025, for papers published in 2023 or 2024. Please send your publication as a PDF (or 4 printed copies) to the President of the SEG by 31 January 2025.

Previous winners:


The SES offers small grants to members of the society to meet costs for excursions or traveling. Application for support in a particular calendar year should be submitted to the president of the SES until October 1 of the previous year. Interested persons should contact the president concerning details of the application.