entomo.ch 2022

Annual meeting of the Swiss Entomological Society (SES)


Museo cantonale di storia naturale di Lugano

In 2022 the traditional annual meeting of the SES, the entomo.ch, will take place at the Museo cantonale di storia naturale in Lugano

Rhagium mordax (Black-spotted longhorn beetle)
Image: Sophie Giriens

Venue details:

Museo cantonale di storia naturale

Viale Carlo Cattaneo 4
6900 Lugano

directions: from the train station, take Lugano Bus N°2 direction "Castagnola" or on foot (ca. 15 min). If coming by car: on Friday park at the Posteggio Campo Marzio, on Saturday it is possible to use the car park of the Liceo Lugano 1.


In addition to a session offering the possibility to propose talks on any entomological topic, there will be two themed sessions (one on Friday, one on Saturday), each started off by an invited guest speaker. Confirmed speakers and talk titles will appear here.

(I) Forest insects (Friday):

invited guest speaker: Beat Wermelinger (WSL, Birmensdorf) "Die Bedeutung von Insekten im Ökosystem Wald."

(II) Invasive species (Saturday):

invited guest speaker: Davide Rassati (University of Padova) "Invasions of non-native forest insects: mechanisms and management."

other confirmed speakers (alphabetical order):

Claudia Buser (Eawag, Dübendorf) "Attraction of Drosophila suzukii by killer yeasts."

Daniel Cherix (Université de Lausanne), Lukas Seehausen (Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International, Délémont) & Gottlieb Dandliker (Office cantonal de l'agriculture et de la nature, Genève) "Le frelon asiatique (Vespa velutina): situation en Suisse et premières tentatives de contrôle."

Eleonora Flacio (University of applied sciences of Southern Switzerland - SUPSI, Mendrisio) "Arrival, spread and control of invasive mosquitoes in Switzerland."

Mauro Jermini (Agroscope, Cadenazzo) "Les insectes exotiques, peuvent-ils perturber un système de production ?"

Dominique Mazzi (Agroscope, Cadenazzo) "Das Potenzial natürlicher Gegenspieler zur Regulierung von gebietsfremden Schadinsekten nutzen."


For general inquiries: Lucia Pollini, Museo cantonale di storia naturale, lucia.pollini@ti.ch

Registration: Oliver Martin, SES, oliver.martin@env.ethz.ch

-> If you would like to present a talk, please provide a title, abstract and indicate for which of the three sessions you are applying, i.e. for the general, forest insects or invasive species sessions.

Hotel accommodation:

Link to the tourist office (note that some hotels may still be closed for the winter season):


  • Limenitis camilla (White admiral)
  • Pararge aegeria (Speckled wood)
  • Rhyssa persuasoria (Sabre wasp)
  • Limenitis camilla (White admiral)Image: Association de la Grande Cariçaie (Sophie Giriens)1/3
  • Pararge aegeria (Speckled wood)Image: Sophie Giriens2/3
  • Rhyssa persuasoria (Sabre wasp)Image: Sophie Giriens3/3



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