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The SES fosters cooperation among both professional and amateur entomologists and promotes the scientific study of indigenous insects.

Image: LaMantarraya, 2023

Annual meeting of the Swiss Entomological Society (SES)


ETH Zürich

In 2023 the traditional annual meeting of the SES, the, will take place at ETH Zurich. We look forward to your registration for the conference!

black bean aphid Aphis fabae & its parasitoid Lysiphlebus fabarum
Image: Christoph Vorburger


Contributions on any suitable entomological topic are welcome. In addition, we invite contributions for thematic sessions on Insects of mountain regions and on Parasites & parasitoids. Each of these thematic sessions will be headed by an invited guest speaker.

Confirmed speakers:

Guest speaker (Saturday): Christoph Vorburger (EAWAG/ETH) "Versteckte Helfer: Symbionten und ihr Einfluss auf Wirt-Parasitoid Interaktionen."

Jana Collatz (Agroscope Reckenholz) "Nutzen und Risiken von Parasitoiden im Pflanzenschutz."

David Hug, Raphaela Ziegler, Alec Hochstrasser, Alexander Mathis, Wolf U. Blanckenhorn & Niels Verhulst (National Centre for Vector Entomology, University of Zürich) "Temperature preferences of mosquitoes and biting midges."

Abhishek Meena & Stefan Lüpold (Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies IEU, University of Zürich) “Fitness consequences of heatwaves in Drosophila melanogaster.”

Further information will appear here as additional speakers and talk titles are confirmed.


For general inquiries & registration: Oliver Martin, SES & ETH Zürich,



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