Member of SCNAT

The SES fosters cooperation among both professional and amateur entomologists and promotes the scientific study of indigenous insects.

Image: LaMantarraya,

Digitisation projects


In collaboration with the ETH Library and thanks to the generous support of SCNAT, the SES is currently digitising the volumes of various Swiss entomological journals via e-periodica:

The journal of the SES

Insecta Helvetica

published by the SES

Entomo Helvetica and predecessor journals

Entomo Helvetica 2008 – ff.


Bulletin Romand d'Entomologie 1981 – 2008

Other journals


The SES has also digitised the following book and made it available via Zenodo:

Sonderegger, Peter. (2005). Die Erebien der Schweiz (Lepidoptera: Satyrinae, Genus Erebia). Zenodo.