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Prix Moulines goes to Beat Wermelinger

The prestigious Prix Moulines for an outstanding entomological publication goes to the book "Insekten im Wald".

The winner this year is Dr. Beat Wermelinger, whose book "Insekten im Wald: Vielfalt, Funktionen und Bedeutung" (2017, Haupt Verlag, Bern) was selected from a field of strong competitors.

The Prix Moulines 2019 for an outstanding entomological publication goes to the book "Insekten im Wald" by Beat Wermelinger.
Image: Thomas Reich

Beat Wermelinger is a research assistant in the field of forest entomology at the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL) in Birmensdorf. In its award, the jury notes that Wermelinger has achieved a milestone in the field of forest insects. The work is comprehensive in content and a reference for experts. The successful presentation and the clarity of the text, however, are also appealing to a wider audience. The author was able to draw on his archive of 14,000 photographs taken during his many years of involvement with insects. According to the jury, the choice of subjects and the quality of the photographs make one pause and marvel again and again.

The Swiss Entomological Society (SEG) awarded the Prix Moulines at its annual meeting, 2019, in St. Gallen. The prize is awarded every two years to an outstanding work on Swiss insects.